November 16th, 2009

socks and cat

Design contest for a new logo for my pole school

I have a contest running for designers to design a brand new logo for my pole school. I'm offering a $350 prize to the one we choose. If you know any designers who might want to participate, please send them here:

My apologies to those of you who do not approve of spec work. I tried a few other routes but I just couldn't resist the temptation of having so many new eyes and ideas. I do partly regret this choice though because turning people down or giving them critical feedback really doesn't feel good. And some of the designers submitted very sexy looking women logos even after I requested that the woman be abstract and not too thin.

In a few days I'll submit the leading contenders here for a vote. Too early now, the contest still has 4 days left to run.
socks and cat

pleased with my purchase

I lost the first eBay auction where I tried to win my netbook of choice. But tonight I won the same model from a different auction. This one is blue rather than black:

I paid more than I probably should for a used netbook. But I saved this much:

I paid $39 less than it cost new
I saved $50 because it was upgraded to 2MB of RAM and if I purchased it new it only comes with 1MB and I would have had to purchase more RAM
I saved $30 in sales tax because I purchased it out of state

Not only did I save $119, but I purchased it from the only seller on eBay (and there are quite a few of them selling this model) that actually offers you 7 days to return it to get your money back. So if it arrives and doesn't work for some reason, I just have to pay shipping and then I get a refund.

Now I just need to purchase a copy of MS Office and I'm good to go.