November 12th, 2009

socks and cat

found a better model

After some hunting around I have found that the ASUS EeePC1000HE is better than the Dell Inspiron Mini and may come with a 6 to 9 hour battery standard (Dell only comes with a 3 hour). Also the RAM is super easy to upgrade in the ASUS. Also the ASUS comes with a mat screen, which I'm told is much easier on the eyes than a glossy screen.

I found it refurbished on Amazon for $288, seems like a great deal. Will have to buy extra RAM somewhere else.
socks and cat

*&^%$#@!! MS Office!

So remember when I posted saying that all my office programs like word and outlook and excel were giving me a pop up message that says I'm using an unauthorized copy? I don't know why it would start doing this after running the software just fine for years. But I dug around the house and found a Microsoft Office CD and re-installed with the product key. HUGE MISTAKE!

Apparently I downgraded my own Microsoft Office. Since reinstalling it I have lost several features that my business actually needs. Most specifically the ability to search an entire excel workbook for a client's name rather than the ability to only search one page. Also Outlook gives me pop ups but will no longer let me type in the amount of time I want to snooze. It gives me option in a drop down menu, but none of them include 1 week or 2 weeks. So I no longer have the ability to snooze tasks until next week without opening the actual task and writing in a new date.

I'm pretty ticked off that I downgraded my own MS Office. I will probably have to go out and buy a new copy now.