November 10th, 2009


Steampunk Ball December 5th

I am excited about the Steampunk Ball. Because I put together a costume for the Steamcon that I never got to wear, I don't even have to worry about putting together a costume because it's all done and ready. Although the costume could use some new arm warmers. I will also have not one, but two dates for the ball, because I am just that much of a stud muffen-ette!

I noticed on the facebook page of the ball that there are a ton of people who friended it that I don't know. This means I will get to meet new people at the ball. Yay!
socks and cat

New Moon

Speaking of fun things to do, the tickets to opening night of New Moon are starting to sell out across the country. Yes, the movie will most likely be bad. But that's not going to stop the rabid fan girl from being at the midnight showing on Thursday November 19th. Time to get my tickets.

EDIT: Tickets purchased! If anyone wants to join us we're going to the Regal Thornton Place Stadium 14 & IMAX.