September 23rd, 2009

cats to doves

here...there...everywhere but now

I wish I could focus. I feel like I'm chasing a million different things at once. My life has so many good things and people in it. But the combination of running a business and having a disability leaves me in a precarious position. I'm constantly jumping from one thing to the next and never truly able to get one thing or another done or accomplished.

On another note, I'm seeing Wicked tonight. I think I'll wear the new granny boots I got from Pyramid Collection tonight to dinner and the play. I should break them in now in case I want to wear them with my steampunk costume on Saturday night.
socks and cat

We didn't even have cell phones when I was in high school

From Oprah Magazine:

"There's a new phenomenon called sexting. A recent survey done by Teenage Research Unlimited found that 22 percent of girls have sent nude or seminude imagines of themselves to boys on their cell phones, and not necessarily to their boyfriends, even though 75 percent of teens understand that this behavior may be risky."

At first when I read this I was kind of horrified. But then I thought, maybe this is the safest sex ever. What do you think of this whole teen sexting thing?