September 20th, 2009

socks and cat


One of the girls in one of our level 1 classes is taking the class for trade. The deal is that each week she makes me something that will last for about 3 meals, like a casserole or something. Today I got my first meal for trade but it looks like it will only last for 2 meals. I hope there's more portions with next week's meal.

So this week she made me green beans in a garlic yogurt sauce and chicken in a honey dijon teriyaki sauce. Yum! This will be dinner for the next couple of days.
socks and cat

Wearing some new stuff

I tried to get a close up shot of my new goggles but they came out blurry...

Here is what they look like on my new top hat!

I wore a new top Saturday night that I got at the Crypt a couple weeks ago. The sides are made of a sparkly see through net fabric:

And below is the outfit I wore go-go dancing Saturday night, with the new top. You can click the thumbnail or cut for the larger version:

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Yay for new clothes!