September 18th, 2009


to phone or not to phone

quicksivler1 told me yesterday he believes that there is a 92% chance he will not be shipped out for a 4th tour of duty and that he is here to stay. I'm trying not to let myself hope but those are some awesome odds!

Him being here and sharing the household expenses this month has saved me $500 this month. If he is here to stay and I'm going to continue to save money, I may treat myself to one of those fancy schmancy phones. Because I use a landline as my main phone and only use my cell phone for occasional texting, I'm using a 5 year old brick of a phone that has no features. I don't even think it has caller ID because it only shows numbers of people who call and not their names. It has no keyboard, no camera, no internet and probably can't even play all those cool downloaded ringtones that everyone else has.

Of course I'm questioning the sanity of getting a fancy cell phone when I don't actually use a cell phone. I would probably pay $100 a month for a plan with internet and one of those map directions thingies and then maybe actually use those features on the phone once per month. Maybe that $100 per month might be better spent saving toward a nice vacation. Maybe I just talked myself out of a fancy schmancy cell phone.
socks and cat

So close to being done!

Found the perfect hip scarf for my steamcon belly dance costume at Value Village this afternoon. I have everything I need for the costume except the right arm warmers. I'm off to Fred Meyer to see if they have any pretty brown long socks. Maybe I can cut off the feet and make them arm warmers.