September 13th, 2009

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My night...

I had a fabulous night tonight go-go dancing at the Vogue. Normally after teaching a pole party until 10:30pm, I don't have the time or the energy to make it out. But at the goth picnic today I was in quite the grumpy funk and I needed some place to go after that to have fun and burn off all that negative energy. So to make enough time I skipped dinner and had a protein shake from Trader Joe's instead. And I sort of sloppily through together my make up and crammed my hair up in to a pony dread fall. I was not as well put together as I would like to be when I go-go dance but I wanted to make it to the club by 11:30pm.

Just to help get me out of that funk I looked for the naughtiest go-go outfit I could find in my closet. I found this top I had not worn in a year and paired it with just little black hot shorts and knee high boots:

At the Vogue I got to spend time with friends as well as make a couple new ones. And I got compliments on my dancing and how I looked in my outfit, which lifted my spirits and made me feel like I was doing a good job! And most flattering of all some people recognized me from old go-go dancing gigs. One guy told me he recognized me from when I used to go-go dance at Noc Noc, way back when they had go-go dancers. That had to be at least 5 years ago! And another gal at the Vogue says she remembered me from when I used to dance at the Catwalk back in 2003. Wow!

With so many friends out at the club and such great music and so much fun dancing, it was a great night! The only sad note was that the other go-go dancer took a bit of a stumble down a step and hurt her foot. I need to remember to e-mail her tomorrow and make sure she is okay.
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Where can I find this costume?

I was planning to skip the "class" themed costume event at the Mercury on Saturday because everyone and their mother will be wearing the exact same costumes. They will either be dressed as school girls in plain skirts or dressed as professiors in a white blouse and black pencil skirt. But then I realized this event could still be fun if I could wear a costume that no one else is wearing.

So I thought, maybe no one else will be dressed as a goth cheerleader. I decided I will go if I can find this costume in time. I googled but could not find it. Is there anyone out there with better google-fu than I that can find this? I'll need to order it ASAP if I want it by Friday:

socks and cat

Thank you Comcast

A new feature that Comcast Cable has been advertising just kicked in for the first time tonight! Now when I'm watching tv and the phone rings, a pop-up window appears on my tv screen and tells me who is calling. Since I always watch tv during my meal breaks, I am already multi-tasking (food and tv). So it's nice to know whether or not I should interrupt my meal to get up to answer the phone just by looking at the tv. Yay Comcast for adding this new feature!