September 11th, 2009

socks and cat

just some of my to do list

Getting a handle on my day...

  • breakfast
  • clean studio for pole party
  • call level 4 student
  • call Annique
  • e-mail instructors
  • make bank deposit
  • e-mail Lisa
  • e-mail level 2 Sunday with reminder
  • invoice December 26th party
  • teach pole party
  • e-mail Vivi
socks and cat

Should I get it?

I thought the goggles I just commissioned and ordered (and should arrive early next week) were the perfect head piece for the steampunk belly dance costume. But then I found this on

I so love it, but it might be a bit much with my already elaborate costume. But I want it anyway, it's SO gorgeous!! And it's only $35.