September 10th, 2009

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Made a sale while getting my hair done

At the hoity toity salon this morning I did not get my hair cut to chin length as anticipated. It's just above my shoulders which I have done before. I can live with that. It also looks so much thicker and healthier with so much length taken off.

At this particular salon they have separate people for coloring and separate for cuts. I had the underlayer of blond retouched so adding both that and the cut together I'm blown away and embarrassed by how much I spent on my hair today. But I might make it all back since the gal that touched up my blond has just been looking online last night for a place to book a pole party for a bachelorette party she's planning. When she found out I own a pole school she took my card to check it out for her party. Cut and color cost a fortune at the hoity toity salon but I might make it all back! :)
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Deaf girl problem solved

Problem with deaf girl that wants to take my class has been solved. She is having a hearing/signing friend take the class for free in exchange for being a free translator. I still have to pay the instructor for the girl who is attending free to translate (it's in the instructor's contract that they get paid per student). But my out of pocket expense for this will only be about $100. That's MUCH better than the $840 for a professional sign language interpreter.

I could still face this problem in the future, especially if the deaf gal refers her deaf friends to take the class. But at least this session I'm able to cut my losses at $100 and a slightly overbooked (by one student who will be translating) class.
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Steampunk Ball

Steampunk Ball is December 5th:

This is the 3rd steampunk event this year in Seattle (not counting concerts where people dress steampunk). I'm thinking I might need more than one steampunk costume or I'll have to wear the same one over and over again. We can't have that!

I'm also tempted to contact them and offer my services as a performer. I could be the world's first steampunk pole dancer!

Speaking of my costume, the clock print skirt arrived. Most pieces for my steampunk costume are here except for the goggles and those were shipped today.
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New hair cut...

Most of the pink has been cut off. A little more blond added to the underlayer. I'll probably color the blond pink again next year but I'm going to keep it brown and blond until after the Winter Holidays.