September 9th, 2009

Belly dancer headshop

old pic from April 2009 con

Found a picture on my camera the other day from NorwesCon that I never downloaded. I looked at it and realized I really liked it. I was thrilled to find another female belly dancer at con and posed for a pic with her:

socks and cat

Need 8 foot USB cord

To move my printer to the desk behind me I'll need an 8 foot USB cord. Radio Shack wants $35 for one. That seems like a lot for just a cord. My search online didn't turn up much. Anyone know where I can get an 8 foot USB cord cheaper or does anyone have one they would like to sell me?
socks and cat

I have like 80 friends?

Holy cow. After only 6 days on FaceBook I alerady have 83 friends. Admittedly, I have 1 person on there I never met (because we have mutual friends and he asked) but from now on I will not add any more people I have never met. And maybe 5 or so I have met only once. But still, I'm pretty blown away by how many people I know. I had *no* idea.

I found the Seattle Gothic FaceBook community and joined. When I found it there were 6 photos on the profile page and much to my horror one of them was mine. Not that I mind being the face of Seattle Gothic (it's actually kind of cool) but I was unhappy with who was in the picture next to me. I e-mailed the person that posted the picture and asked politely if he had the ability to remove the picture. He was so nice that he not only removed the picture from the Seattle Gothic Facebook page but went into his online photo hosting site and removed all similar pics - no questions asked. How incredibly cool of him.

I am wondering what the deal is with photo posting on FaceBook. I heard there is a way to keep people from tagging you in their photos. Does this still allow them to post the photos but not tag you (which is fine with me)? And how do you set this?
socks and cat

Hoping this new software will streamline my business

Today I signed up for some software and its monthly service that should really streamline my business and save me a lot of time. This software is used by pole dance schools, yoga studios and fitness centers all over the country.

I will no longer have to use my calendar to try and track how often my instructors teach and then have to cross reference with the excel student log to figure out how many students are in their classes to know how much to pay them. The new software will do that for me.

I will no longer have to send confirmation e-mails to every student that signs up to tell them where I am and what to wear and bring. The software will do that for me.

I will no longer have to transfer all the student's information from e-mail into an excel log, the software will hold that info for me.

The software will also tell me who has taken what classes but not signed up for the next level so I can follow up individually and give them special offers and incentives.

The sofware will even send them e-mails on their birthday giving them any coupons or special offers I would like to give as a gift.

The software will also allow my instructors that do private lessons to enter their availability for private lessons into the system and then students can book their lessons from that selection without me having to e-mail back and forth between the instructor and student to determine availability and a matching time.

It does tons more. But best of all it offers credit card processing cheaper than PayPal and at the highest security level offered in the country. For students that register online, they take only 2.29% plus 20 cents and a $5 per month gateway fee. Or if the student uses a mileage rewards card, they charge me 3.09% plus 20 cents. And for $100 they are sending me a swipey machine I can hook up to my computer via USB and accept credit cards in person with just a swipe. I rarely accept credit cards in person. But if I do and I use their swipey machine, they will charge me only 1.60% plus 20 cents per transaction. This can come in handy at trade shows but not until I buy something that will give me internet access when I am not at my home office.

And free sofware training and free tech support included in the $85 per month. I can drop my current credit card processing gateway that charges me $30 month and has software errors that have cost me hundreds of dollars. And I might even dump my $35 per month PayPal account completely since the new software will be depositing money directly into my bank account.

Now I just need to get through the training process. My friend that owns another pole school told me it takes some time to get the hang of the sofware and it's time consuming. But once you learn it, you're good to go.
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Sometimes the Universe just delivers

I made this post this morning about needing an 8 foot USB cord. Well Michelle came back for a couple hours today and one of the things we tackled was this last remaining box that I never unpacked when I moved here a year ago. Guess what we found on the bottom of the box under everything? An 8 foot USB cord. This is a miracle considering that I have never in my life before now had any need whatsoever for an 8 foot USB cord.