September 7th, 2009



I found this in a catalog today and I definitely have to get this. It has a mirror, flashlight, scissors, nail file, tweezers, pillbox, perfume bottle, knife, ruler, bottle opener, screwdriver, corkscrew, safety pin, needle and thread and a black ink pen. Everything a girl needs!!

I'm also tempted to order this scarf, but yellow doesn't look good on me at all.

socks and cat

Soldier in waiting...

The fate of quicksilver1 is in limbo. He has been home much longer than anticipated and we have really passed the point where they would call him back to Iraq. But there is still a chance they will call him back to serve in Afghanistan. No word on when. There is a chance they won't call him back at all and he's here for good. I, of course, hold on to that hope. Not only am I happy to have him home, but having him here to share the living expenses is wonderful!

I have stopped using the little home studio I set up in the living room but the poles remain up in there until we find out if they are going to call him back or not. If it turns out he is here to stay, we're going to move the tv and sofa out of the upstairs entertainment room and back into the living room. That will leave an empty entertainment room and I'm not sure what to do with it. You have to walk through it to get to my office and the private deck off of my office, so turning it into a walk in closet would not work. I thought of moving my office into the entertainment room and converting the office into a fabulous walk in closet. But the office is in an atrium and the sun would bleach out all my clothes. Somewhere in the transfer of rooms I would like to secure a walk in closet for myself, but that may not happen. So what should I do with the entertainment area once it is empty?
socks and cat

No cheating. No cheating. No cheating.

Currently drinking excessive amounts of stevia sweetened chai tea to kill the sugar cravings. It occurred to me today that finding sugar free stevia sweetened root beer means more than just being able to drink soda occasionally. I could combine it with the Coconut Bliss brand coconut milk vanilla ice cream sweetened only with agave nectar and have myself an all natural sugar free root beer float!

Sadly, sugar free treats have in the past been a gateway drug to the real thing (treats made with sugar). So I'm going to hold off on making those sugar free root beer floats for a while.

Have I mentioned how TEMPTING all that Halloween candly looks at the grocery store?