September 4th, 2009

socks and cat

preview of my steampunk belly dance costume

Apparently I'll need that steampunk costume done by the end of this month rather than October. The Vogue is having a steampunk event on September 26th. I'll need my costume done before then if I want ot go-go dance.

Here are the pieces I have or will have so far:

I have this brown leather like harness I got earlier this year:

It will be worn over one of these two bras, I purchased both from because they look sort of Victorian:

These goggles should be done and shipped to me by mid-next week:

I just won this skirt on eBay:

I ordered this to layer over it from The artist said she thinks she can have it finished and shipped to me by the end of next week:

So just two very important belly dancer accessories are missing from my steampunk belly dance costume:

1. Arm warmers
2. Chain or dangly style belly dance belt

I ordered this from tonight, but I don't know if it will work with the costume. Will the black lace pattern clash with the clock skirt?:

I will start scouring thrift stores in search of a brass or brown leatherish colored belt that I can add chains or coins to.

I may not have the best steampunk costume at the Vogue on steampunk night. But it's my hope that I have the sexiest one. And I'm really excited about this! A month ago I was ready to give up because I just didn't understand steampunk and I didn't know how to make it sexy. Thanks to some talented artists on etsy and my love of putting things together, I think this costume might be a success!!
socks and cat

Why being an addicts sucks

I did a bad thing today but I didn't realize how bad it was at the time. Since going back on the wagon a few weeks ago and giving up sugar again, I have hud HUGE improvements by leaps and bounds not just in my health but in my entire life. My life is amazingly happier and better now.

Today after having lunch with a girlfriend we hit some stores in Capitol Hill to find her some club clothes. She asked if we could stop at Cupcake Royale and I told her that I don't eat sugar but I would go with her to get a chai there (the chai is sweetened only with honey and maple syrup and no sugar). She got a cupcake topped with "salted caramel". Oh my god, I love caramel. So I asked for just one small bite of her cupcake. BIG mistake!!!

The bite of chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting was absolutely orgasmic. I fell back in my chair while chewing it and I think my eyes rolled back up into my head. I only had that one bite. But it was all down hill from there.

For the rest of the day I kept seeing treats everywhere. Even the event I taught a lap dance workshop at tonight had free cake and free chocolate. I went out of my mind trying to resist them. That one bite of cupcake royale shot my sugar cravings through the roof. In desperation I stopped at the Greenwood market to get a sugar free pie (sweetened with fruit juice and pear syrup). I try to avoid these sugar free pies and such now because in the past they have been a gateway drug to the real thing (with sugar). But truly, I was insane with cravings and desperate. But the sugar free pie did not quell the cravings like it used to. I tried my stevia sweetened chai tea at home, that always does the trick and stops the cravings. But it did not this time either.

I guess when you're an addict, you can't sample what you're addicted to and expect to go on about your day or your life with no consequences. I have no idea how long I'll be made miserable by these cravings. I only know that the one bite of cupcake was not worth the torture the cravings are putting me through now.