August 26th, 2009

socks and cat


I found these on steamfashion and the artist says he is willing to commission these for me at his cost. He makes no profit and he pays shipping. He's trying to build a body of work and promote himself this way.

My steampunk belly dancer costume came to a complete halt and never got done because I can't find a steampunk style bra. I'm wondering if it's worth buying the goggles if I can't even put together the costume. Would the goggles be cute with a goth outfit too? Can I wear them up on my head like a headband, because I certainly don't want them over my eyes.
socks and cat

To help me stay on track...

Need to get started on my day...

  • Hot bath (for sore muscles)
  • protein shake for breakfast
  • Update website to reflect that lap dance workshop is sold out
  • Update website to reflect that Wednesday evening level 2 is sold out
  • process new registrations
  • Write check for health insurance premiums and mail
  • Write check for Soma rental
  • Respond to L's e-mail
  • clean studio
  • E-mail level 6 students
  • E-mail level 2 and 3 students
  • drop off check to Soma
  • Pick up cat food and cat litter
  • Make deposit at WaMu
  • E-mail confirmation to workshop students
  • Vacuum entertainment room
  • Update level 4 lesson plan
BOOT fetish

wantED (past tense)

Victoria's Secret was selling these for a very short time and then they just dropped off the face of the earth and I never saw them in their catalog again. Only now that Fall is upon is, they are selling them again. And at 20% off!:

I'm not going to buy them because I'm quite sure I would wear them once and only once and never again. They just don't work for enough outfits. Plus I've spent enough already this month.