August 4th, 2009

Willow & Tara kissing

Why can't guys kiss like girls?

There was recently a statement in a friend's LJ about how women are better kissers than men. Not one person debated the issue, and all of us agreed with her. But best quote of all the agreeing comments was:

zhaira: "I coulda told you girls were better kissers when I met you. Boys only have tongues to tell me flattering things about myself."

Holy cow I love that! There was once a guy in our community who actually knew how to kiss like a girl. As a result, girls were pretty much lined up around the block to make out with him. Every time you saw him at the clubs some different beautiful girl was sucking face with him. And you could kiss him for hours and never get tired of it. Guy just don't understand that if they just knew how to kiss like us, we would be after them in mass and they would practically have to fight us off. Yet in spite of that possible opportunity, they never learn. So every time I kiss a guy, I *whish* I was kissing a girl instead. Why can't guys kiss like girls?