July 27th, 2009

socks and cat


Some of you may recall the fabulous metal bra I purchased on Etsy.com for my goth belly dancer costume to wear to Norwescon:

Well I've been asking the maker of this bra to make a brass version so I can use it make a steampunk belly dance costume. He assured me he would make a steampunk bra so I've been patiently waiting. After months of waiting, he finally put up for sale his fabulous new steampunk bra. The problem? He wants $300 for it!!! I paid only $40 for my last metal bra from him. I could not possibly pay $300 for something I can only wear once or twice. It's just not reasonable. But here it is:

Etsy is not a bargaining site. So would it be rude to try and talk him down in price?