July 16th, 2009

socks and cat

He's back from Iraq

quicksilver1 is back from Iraq and will be back on our town home by tomorrow...temporarily. They extended his tour of duty, which I expected. I have been hoping he would be back by December but I'm starting to lose that hope. But they are giving him a break or vacation between assignments in Iraq. So he is on a base in San Diego now and will fly to Seattle tomorrow. He has a few weeks off and will spend some here with me and some with family in Colorado.

I want him back for good. I need him back for good. But I don't get to say when the war is over, and he volunteered for this 3rd tour of duty. So I will do my best to enjoy the time that he is here and just get by as I normally do when he is gone.

And now I need to clean the house like crazy before he gets back!!!!

dry erase removable sticky dots

Hey crowgrl13, looks like I won't have to write that message to myself on my bathroom mirror in lipstick. Because I just discovered these: http://www.thewalldecorstore.net/storefrontprofiles/processfeed.aspx?sfid=173331&i=239134943&mpid=11080&dfid=1 And I just stuck one on my bathroom mirror with the exact message you suggested.

Dry erase wall pops. You stick them on the wall but they can be removed and replaced like a giant post-it. And you can write messages on them with a dry erase marker. I purchased a set in pink at OfficeMax.