July 13th, 2009


A life lesson

In life the way to get what you want is to focus only on that, rather than the obstacles. But that can be a challenging thing to do when the obstacles effect you every day. I remember back when I was a temp and an admin. I was pretty miserable doing it. It was almost impossible to focus on the career or my dreams, like maybe owning a successful pole dance fitness studio, when every day for 8 hours a day I was enslaved in a mind numbing office cubicle prison that could not be escape if I wanted to make a living. How could I see anything but hour after hour of that prison when I was living in it almost every day?

Below is a spiritual story I found about how to stay focused on where you are going and what you want, rather than what is holding you back:

Easy Riding: Put Your Attention on the Destination
By Sharon Ramey

Several years ago, my husband convinced me to take the Motorcycle Training Course with him. He’s been riding motorcycles since he was 13 and is very skilled. But due to a few incidents like the one in Cancun involving a motor scooter and a hedge, I am what one would call “motorcycle-challenged.”

In this course, however, great metaphysical teachings emerged, the most memorable being the advice to look where you want to go. Although logical enough, the instructor spent a great deal of time on this concept. Apparently, when novice riders see an obstacle that they understandably want to avoid, such as a sharp drop-off between the road’s edge and the shoulder, or a pothole, or a piece of lumber that just fell off a truck, the rider becomes almost mesmerized by this obstacle, thinking, “I must avoid this, I can’t hit this, please don’t let me collide…” and, you guessed it, there is a high incidence of catastrophe!

The instructor Collapse )

I would like to keep this lesson in mind but I have a habit of learning fabulous life tools for making life more productive and then forgeting about them in the craziness of my busy life. I could post this on my wall at home, but I might start to overlook it. I welcome any suggestions for keeping this fresh in my mind, short of tattooing it on my back or something.

KUOW 94.9 FM Seattle

Does anyone out there in Seattle listen to KUOW? I have a pre-interview with them tomorrow as the first step in a process of being interviewed on the air about my business. I don't listen to their station so I feel like I'm at a disadvantage here.