June 21st, 2009

secretary glasses

Little Darlings

I love how Deja Vu always treats me and my guests like total VIP's. We arrived at Little Darlings tonight (owned by Deja Vu) fully expecting to each pay the $20 cover. But as we approached the club I recognized the manager outside finishing his cigarette. I went up to say "hi" (he knows me and we used to coordinate together whenever I brought my ladies only strip club tour group to the club he used to manage) and he generously escorted us in for free and gave us a tour. He even took us back to a secret room where we could see the pictures from all the cameras that are hidden in each lap dance booth. Then he took us to the bar and made sure we got our drinks.

I learned a couple new tricks just by watching the girls on stage and had fun tipping all the girls. But since it was a slow Sunday night, we didn't get to see a lot of different dancers. It was mostly the same ones going on several times. For some reason Little Darlings is not advertising, so most people don't even know it's there. So it doesn't do a lot of business yet.

We decided that when we do amateur night in the future, we'll do it at Little Darlings instead of Deja Vu. All the Deja Vu clubs have the poles right up against the edge of the stage. So it's really challenging to do your spins and tricks without falling off the edge of the stage. At Little Darlings the pole is in the middle of the stage, making it easy to do all kinds of flips, spins and tricks without ever having to worry about whether or not you might land right off the edge of the stage onto the stairs. So it looks like we'll be doing amateur night on July 21st.