June 12th, 2009

socks and cat

new net dress

So after a conservative goth night on Wednesday, it was nice to hit the fetish club on Thursday night. At the Thursday night club, the standard dress for women there is pretty much lingerie. So I can go all out and wear anything I want and fit right in.

The dress I wore tonight got so many compliments (and by "so many" I mean wow a ton) that I decided to have a quick shot taken of it when I got home. Here is my fabulous new net dress, click the thumbnail or cut to see the larger version.

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If you look closely at my hair, you can see that the under layer and ends are platinum blond now. I have it bleached once per year so I can re-do the pink from the roots down. I just haven't put the pink over the blond yet. I thought I would enjoy being blond for a couple weeks first.

socks and cat

Speaking of dresses

I have two weddings to attend next month, one on July 4th and one on July 5th. I'm running into the same problem I had when I attended a wedding last year. Just about all of my dressy clothes are black or black based (meaning mostly black). I need something summer looking and nice for weddings.

Recently I vowed not to buy any more black clothing, only black accessories or lingerie. Everything else had to be color. This vow failed miserably as I continued to find cute black things that I just loved. I am trying to de-goth a bit and introduce some color. The closest I have come so far is buying neutral colors like white and gray. I did buy one brilliantly dark emerald skirt. But I have nothing to match it except more black tops. So my re-introduction to color is stalled at best.