June 11th, 2009

kitten on a cage


I'm losing my interest in alcohol. When I order a kamakazi at Noc Noc, I end up mildly drunk, or at least much too tipsy to drive for a long time. But at the Vogue the drinks are so watered down that I can drink 3 kamakazi's and feel no buzz at all. Lately it seems like my choices are being drunk from one drink or wasting money on 3 drinks to feel nothing. Add to that the fact that I can easily enjoy my evening without alcohol (as long as there is some good music to dance to) and I just don't see the point to drinking anymore.

I'm not saying I'll never drink again. I just don't expect to be doing much of it in the near future.
machine gun kitty

Operation crack down has begun

So I've been complaining about the pole party schedule but I'm also reflecting now on the class scheduling. I've always bent over backwards to accommodate my employees. I just e-mail them every session and ask them when they want to or can work. All of them have day jobs and some attend college and one even has a family and infant. So I had to work around their availability and plan the entire class schedule around THEIR schedules.

I'm done being their friend and it's time I start being their boss as well. I just e-mailed them all and told them there has been a change. I made the schedule in advance and told them to choose from which pre-set class times they want, rather than making me try to work class times around their schedules.

Operation crack down has begun. I'm going to start being like other employers now. I set the schedule now, rather than trying to make everyone happy by working around their other jobs and college schedules (I do still take their schedules into consideration though when planning ours in advance). And while their contracts do permit them to take a couple sessions off if they want to or need to, they will no longer be allowed to take that time off unless they find another staff member to agree to cover for them. Of course it's a little late to enforce that one since most of them have already made vacation plans for my busiest season. But next summer's busy season will be enforced in advance.