June 4th, 2009

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Noc Noc's Wednesday goth night

I finally had a chance to check out the new Wednesday goth night at Noc Noc with sweetestkiss. The music was great. The company was great. Score.

Unfortunately I'll only get 3 more Wednesday nights off. Then when my instructor that teaches level 2 and 3 goes to Ireland for 6-weeks, I'll be teaching her classes on Wednesday nights.
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Free workshop

I have made a change to the free workshop on the 19th. A deposit is no longer required to hold your spot. But it has been my experience that when you schedule something for free, half the people who reserve a spot just won't bother to show up. So to make sure enough girls show up to do the shoot, I'll just overbook. I need to fill 7 spots. I'll probably let 12 girls reserve and let the 12 girls know that the first 7 at the door can get in. The ones that show up but don't get in, will get a coupon for $10 off a class or workshop.

Seems fair.

Here are the details for any of you Seattle area gals that want to attend: http://www.poleforthesoul.com/freeworkshop.html
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Here's hoping...

This is a good sign. It was 87 degrees today. My 3rd and 4th floor townhome is not miserably hot. The dance studio is not hot. I only have one air conditioner but it really doesn't fit the windows of either my home or the studio so I never installed it. But unless it gets over 90 degrees this summer, it looks like we'll be fine without air conditioning.