May 19th, 2009

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A great day for Pole for the Soul but not so much for the neighbors

I never thought I would see this happen! On June 6th my school is hosting 5...count 'em 5...bachelorette pole dance parties in one day! Definitely a record. They go non-stop from 12:30 in the afternoon until 9:00pm. Two of the parties will be at the same time in both the main studio and the home private lesson studio.

I am deeply concerned about the neighbors though. They hate the music. Hate it. Hate it. They have complained to the landlord and I had my attorney send them a letter basically telling them to leave me alone and not complain to the landlord unless the music goes past the legal sound ordinance time of 10pm -- and I make sure it never does! If that music is going all day and evening until 9pm, which it will on the 6th, they are bound to be extra upset.

In spite of how difficult they have been to deal with, to the point where I had to bring in an attorney, I'm thinking about leaving them a letter with advanced notice of the schedule for June 6th along with a Visa gift card they can spend anywhere. I'm thinking $100 might buy them off for the day. But that money could go toward other things for the business and so I'm only feeling generous enough to give them a gift card for $50. Does that seem like a good idea? Is $50 a slap in the face for an entire day of having to listen to loud music and screaming wild bachelorettes (and these girls do laugh and scream and yell and cheer mightly loud at the parties)? Or is it an effort at peace that might be appreciated and possibly even keep them from complaining?

Should I leave the neighbors a note with a $50 gift card?

Don't bother, you're obeying the city sound ordinance laws and they can't do anything about it.
Yes, $50 is a nice gesture.
Yes leave a gift card, but $50 is not enough considering how much they put up with living over a dance studio. Make it $75 or $100.
Other - please post suggestion in comment.