April 14th, 2009


busy day

It occurred to me today that I sleep on average about 8 1/2 hours a night. I suppose this is to be expected given how hard I push my body on some days. Last night I taught new inversion dismounts to my level 4 class. This meant going upside down on the pole over and over again. That kind of workout will certainly induce a dead sleep for a long time.

Today is a packed day. Tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed. Things I need to get done today before I teach at 6:15pm:

  • Breakfast
  • Rewrite lesson plan for 1st day of level 6
  • Answer backlog of e-mails
  • Print up quarterly tax coupons
  • Call gal that is willing to switch from Wed to Sat level 2
  • Send out confirmation to Wednesday level 2 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Thursday level 1 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Friday level 1 class
  • Send out confirmation reminders to Saturday level 2 class
socks and cat

Steam Punk

tresdon sent me this great video defining Steam Punk. I'm not an Abney Park fan but I do plan to attend the Steam Punk convention later this year.

When I go places, my costumes usually stand out. Even when I go clubbing I get compliments from guys and girls about the creativity and uniqueness of what I put together. And I don't want it to be any different at the Steam Punk convention. Problem is, I don't even have a steam punk outfit! I don't know where I would begin some how making Victorian style sexy, since it's more lady like than sexy. And since the Victorian style is so uniform, it doesn't leave much room for uniqueness and creativity. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make a head turning Steam Punk costume?

I'm thinking of starting with something like this:

socks and cat

Follow up to my last post

So the gal that I purchased my metal belly dance bra from, continues to make and sell new ones on Etsy.com. Look at this one she just recently listed:

Holy cow, if my girls were big enough I would order that bra in a heart beat!

I e-mailed her and asked her if she could make a metal bra for me in copper or a copper color for a steam punk belly dance costume. If she can't, I might just buy a steel colored one and glue all kinds of steam punk things to it. Maybe some bullets to line the top and some clock pieces covering the rest.

I think I'll end up investing a LOT of money into this costume. But the steam punk convention is not for several months, so I can spread out the expense over the course of half a year or so.