April 13th, 2009

socks and cat

back from con

Norwescon was fun! I am working on pictures to post and remembering stories to tell. Thank you to jonwa for driving and finding us a secret parking spot and helping me with my bags!

I tried the chainmail workshop and after attempting to make some chainmail, I have a whole new respect for chanmail makers! I will stop complaining about the price and gladly pay $100 for a chainmail top or $50 for a chainmail belt. The makers deserve it just for saving my sanity (I was going nuts trying to get it right). Although I now own more chainmail than any one girls could possible wear, so I probably shouldn't buy any ever again. At this point I own a chainmail bikini top, this chainmail top, and this chainmail top and skirt set. And the skirt is really difficult to wear. If you try to dance or even walk around it in, you will tire really quickly from moving around with all that extra weight on you.

I'm too tired from con to remember much. I just recall the basics; good dances, good parties, good friends, good shopping, good costumes and feeling like a celebrity with people taking my picture night and day. I have already purchased my Norwescon membership for next year.
socks and cat

cold...cold and busy

Unbelievable. The heat in my home has died. No heat. It just doesn't make sense considering the building is only 5 years old. I've lived in places that were 30 years old and older that didn't have nearly the number of problems that this place has. And my landlord is also the award winning builder that built this place.

It's supposed to be up to 52 degrees tomorrow. I think getting up in the morning will suck(leaving a warm bed for the icy air). But if I can get through that, I think I'll be fine until I can fit a call to the landlord into my busy schedule. I have e-mails from 4 days ago I still haven't had a chance to reply to. So I feel like I should take care of that first before I deal with this.