April 1st, 2009

socks and cat

My new favorite dress

I own quite a few sexy dresses. I can't help it. I'm a girly girl. And what girly girl doesn't want to feel pretty and sexy? Well the dress I found at the Metro in Portland last weekend makes me feel prettier and sexier than any other dress! You can click the thumbnails or the cut to see the full size pictures of the dress:

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I'll be taking the dress to the seamstress this week so I can have it hemmed in time for Norwescon! I'll probably wear it to the dance Saturday night, with the chainmail over it!

socks and cat

more costumey goodness

The metal bra from this post arrived today. It's a much lighter and more flimsy metal than I was expecting, but still pretty. It doesn't actually look all that great on just over my skin, I think it really is designed for a girl with a bit more meat on her and bigger breasts. But when I tried it on over a black PVC bra it looks all bad-ass cyber goth girl! The contrast of the silver metal over the black PVC is quite stunning. So I'll wear it like that to clubs or like that with the chainmail top over it and have one bad-ass cyber goth girl belly dance costume.

To wear the chainmail skirt though, I still need something to absorb the weight of it. Even over my dress it still digs into my skin. I'll need to hit the fabric store this week and buy a belt size strip of fake black fur to have a soft fur cushion like belt under it.
socks and cat

busy busy busy

Falling behind today already!

To do:
  • Make and eat breakfast
  • Write rent checks and e-mail landlord to let her know it's ready for pick up
  • Send confirmation to party that just booked
  • Send confirmation to Wednesday and Thursday level 1 classes
  • Send confirmation to Saturday pole worskhop
  • Print up paperwork for parties and workshops and take to Kinko's to copy
  • Clean studio for classes tonight
  • Pay and mail bills
  • Remember to put studio towels in dryer and then fold and put in studio
  • E-mail everyone on level 4 wait list and offer them group private lessons
  • Buy food at grocery store - I'm out of food!
  • E-mail instructors about meeting
  • Print pay pal records for bookkeeper
  • respond to bookkeeper's e-mail


  • Mail tax check to IRS
  • Pin up new length on dress for the convention
  • Take dress to cleaners to be altered
  • Find some one to help put up poles in new studio
  • Set up folders and paperwork for intensive class that starts Sunday
  • Call strip club and remind them the tour is coming tomorrow