March 24th, 2009

Kitten dancing in a cage2

My night go-go dancing

Go-go dancing at the Vogue was a blast. I must admit though, I forgot what hard work it was! And I had to be extra careful because their go-go platform is super tiny and made of a super slippery material. I wore rubber soled boots to cut down on the slipping. But I had to make sure not to do any fancy dance moves for fear of falling off the little platform.

I had fun getting all dolled up for the night and djeternaldarkne played great music for me to dance to! I shared a table with tresdon and sweetestkiss and her friend Tommy. I also got to hang out with psymbiotic and ran into domina_carmen and her out of town friend.

I did have some challenging wardrobe malfunctions and now I know not to wear my super long hair extensions when I go-go dance (among other things I learned not to wear when go-go dancing that night). But I loved the feeling of being up there and I loved the way people showed their appreciation for my dancing. It felt fabulous!

One of the folks that runs the Vogue invited me back to dance again. I must admit, it's SUPER tempting. I love it! And it gives me some place to wear the freakin' TON of go-go dance type gothy clothes that are overflowing in my closet and taking over my home. The conflict is that if I commit to a Saturday night, and then some one books a pole party with me that Saturday night, I'll have to back out. Maybe I can arrange to do last minute commitments with them and just slip in on those Saturday nights when I don't have a pole party booked. Although hopefully there won't be too many of those unbooked Saturday nights. I like it when my dance studio is booked full with happy clients. You know if the Vogue had a go-go cage, instead of that little slipper dance platform, I think the go-go dancing would win out over teaching pole parties. There's a reason my name is Cage Kitten. I simply can't resist dancing in a cage!
socks and cat

Not sure what to do

Three of my competitors offer pole parties also. Two of them have dropped their prices and offer their parties for less. I will have no way of knowing if this will cut into my sales until the wedding season starts next month. So I don't know if I should lower my prices also. I know my parties are worth what I charge. My clients all leave VERY happy. But some one shopping online for a pole party doesn't know there is a difference in the level and quality of our services. They just think a pole party is a pole party and may go with the cheapest service.
socks and cat

What should we do in Portland

I'm not quite ready for the Vampire Ball yet but we're leaving Friday. I have a stunning gown chosen that is at the cleaners having the zipper repaired. I can't wait to wear it!

The studio will be very busy while I'm gone. My lead instructor will be teaching a pole party from noon to 2:00pm and then a class from 2:30 to 3:00pm. Then my exotic dance party instructor will be teaching an exotic dance party in the studio from 7:00 to 9:00pm. It's hard for me to leave for a weekend when there is so much business going on. But I'm so grateful I have girls I can trust to take care of it for me.

This is the first time I will ever leave Vader alone for more than one night. I'm pretty freaked out about him being alone for 2 nights. He is spoiled by having a mommy that works from home and so he expects me to be there for him all the time. He goes a little crazy and starts making a mess of things when he's left alone for more than a few hours. I spoil him so!

I have no idea what we will do in Portland on Saturday during the day. Any suggestions? I'm pretty shopped out. So maybe something OTHER than shopping.