March 18th, 2009

machine gun kitty

Please don't steal from us

I just spoke with my friend that owns the other leading pole school in town. She just found out one of her students is teaching pole dance out of her home. And this student has never taken pole dance from anyone but her, so she is stealing her tricks and methods and making money from it now (not to mention taking potential clients).

We have EVERY student sign a non-compete before they start their first class. So this woman is in violation of the non-compete contract she signed. And this is the 2nd student she has had that did this; take her classes and now teaches her own classes out of her home.

I put my friend in touch with my legal service so she can have an attorney send the student a cease and desist letter. I also asked her to please report this thieving student to the city (some areas of town won't let you run a business from your home) and to the state (in case she hasn't set up the business properly with the state) and the IRS.

Both she and I paid thousands of dollars for instructor training. So it is really a bee in my bonnet when some one comes along and steals our lessons and methods and starts making money off of it. There are pole schools all over the country that will teach and certify you as an instructor for about $1,000 to $3,000. Buy a plane ticket like the rest of us and fly to one of those teacher training programs and learn it properly. But if you're going to take classes from us and then compete with us, say hello to our attorneys, the State, the City zoning department and the IRS. They're friends of ours and we want you to meet them.
Kitten dancing in a cage2

I'll be go-go dancing at the Vogue Saturday night

Last Saturday night at the Vogue they had one go-go dancer who usually works upstairs at Neighbors. Watching her made me remember how much I miss go-go dancing. There are few things on earth that can make me feel as happy as dancing up in a cage in a busy club. But I can't do it anymore because I often teach pole parties on Saturday and Friday nights. And teaching pole parties pays the dance studio rent and business expenses, not go-go dancing.

So tresdon talked to the gal that runs the Vogue and explained to her that I used to go-go dance at the Catwalk and at Noc Noc and asked if I could jump up on the go-go box and do a little dancing. She said yes! Here is a picture of me dancing at the Vogue:

I only danced for two songs though. I was wearing a corset style lace up pleather top and full length skirt, which just don't work well for dancing. But I talked to the gal that runs the Vogue and she's going to let me go-go dance again this Saturday night! I don't want to take the job away from the current dancer, so I'm just going to jump up on the go-go box now and then, to give her a break. But this time I'll be dressed for the part and ready to go. I'm so excited!