March 12th, 2009



I was at Microsoft this morning and they still have snow on their grass! The drive back to Seattle was gorgeous. As soon as you hit the 520 bridge, you can see the bright sunlit water and the snow capped Olympic Mountains. The view was truly fabulous.

Vader must have missed me this morning because he went nuts when I got back. He's meowing like crazy and following me. And then he got so excited that he started running around at high speed almost running into walls. He finally calmed down long enough to cuddle in my lap when I sat at the computer. At least until the birds started making noise on the skylight windows above us. Now he's distracted and bird watching. He's ADD, just like his mommy.
socks and cat

Open Registration

Registration for my April/May classes and workshops is open today! In addition to the regular classes, I'm also offering an "Intensive" pole dance class. Instead of attending pole dance class once per week for 6 weeks, you attend class every night for 6 nights in a row. You start learning on Sunday night and by Friday night, you're pole dancing, doing seductive floorwork, sensual wallwork and even a naughty crawl and tempting strip-tease!

Friends receive a $15 discount on 6-week classes. See the schedule here: