February 28th, 2009

socks and cat

business update

Today was a good day for Pole for the Soul. Three parties today: my contractor taught an exotic dance bachelorette party at the yoga studio just 4 blocks away. At the same time in my pole studio, I taught a party that was one half exotic dance and half pole party, followed by a separate bachelorette pole party a half hour later. The only flub was that my contractor (also a long term friend of many years) accidentally asked the bachelorette party to pay $200, when in fact they owed $250. The party knew their balance was $250, but didn't say anything when the instructor quoted them the wrong balance. This will put us in the most embarrassing position of having to contact them later and ask for the balance. This has never happened before. I have no idea if we'll ever see that $50 balance or not. I will feel like the meanest friend/boss ever if I have to dock her pay for the balance. She is a very good friend and a very reliable contractor and a fabulous instructor (students love her).

The new stagette pole arrived today. The guy at my mail box service is TOO cool. I told him that because the heaviest piece was 80 pounds, that I couldn't pick it up for at least a week (which is when I can get a man to help me). For no charge at all, he drove it up to my place in his pick up truck and dropped it off. As luck would have it, he is the father of a gal who used to pole dance here in Seattle. I forgot her name, but she is the extremely talented red-headed gal that often pole danced at shows with Pantera (she has since moved out of state).

The whole thing with offering workshops through that bar in the U-District is not going so well yet. After having instructors demonstrate for two Friday nights in a row, and plastering the bar with fliers announcing the workshop, only 3 people have signed up for the workshop on the 15th. Far more women than that have joined our mailing list as a result of the performance demos. One of my instructors goes around and invites the women to sign up for the list and they are happy to. But when it comes to committing to a date for a workshop at the bar, girls usually say they're not sure if they have plans or not that day. I guess they would rather be on the mailing list and sign up for classes later at their leisure. Or maybe the idea of learning to pole dance in a bar, is just very unappealing to the average college gal.

In a final note, one of the girls in the last party I taught tonight, told me how much fun they all had and what a good instructor I am. That's so priceless. Hearing that means far more than the money I make doing it.