February 14th, 2009

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Health insurance for those that lose their jobs this year (and part of last year)

Obama is officially rocking my socks. He's not helping me pay for my medical insurance, but at least he's helping the people that lose their jobs keep theirs. Here is the medical coverage portion of the stimulus plan: Collapse )

In addition to this, Obama also approved a bill that would provide health insurance to low income children. This is a bill that Bush vetoed more than once. I don't know what Bush has against poor, sick children getting the medical care they need to survive and be healthy. But now we have a president that cares.
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my surprise

For Valentine's Day, some girls get candy. Some girls get flowers. Some girls get dinner. Guess what I got? Four human beings. Men to be specific. Four men in tuxes, showing up at my door, handing me a card and a rose from my Valentine and serenading me with "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." Now THAT was definitely a surprise! I think I can say that no one has ever done anything that sweet and unexpected for me before on Valentine's Day.