February 10th, 2009

Cage Kitten ABS

grannie panties and lap dances

Last Sunday I taught my level 5 students a sensual way to strip off their shorts, down to their thong. It's a beautiful move that women can actually do while writhing on their backs. Of course I gave them all warning last week so they could come prepared wearing shorts and a thong they don't mind stripping down to. But one girl completely forgot it was short strip day and had on her grannie panties under her shorts. Not surprisingly, even with the granny panties, she still looked dead sexy doing the short strip.

On Saturday I helped one of my instructors teach the lap dance workshop in Capitol Hill. She demo'ed one of the moves where you can crouch down behind a chair and stand up in a way that takes your breasts up the back of your partner's neck and head. The girl in the chair receiving said demo said, "Oh WOW. That's...effective." The tone in her voice made it clear that "effective" meant it was a total turn on. Of course no one has ever said this while I demo the move in a workshop. But then I don't have breasts the size my instructor does. I'm wishing I did, just so I can elicit that reaction. It was amusing to watch.

Speaking of lap dancing, my level 3 students learned lap dancing just over a week ago. Two of them reported back that they they did this for their partners and they loved it. They then emulated the dumbstruck faces their partners made during parts of the dance. It was priceless.
Pride & Prejudice

What to get your sweetie for Valentine's Day

For those of you that have not selected a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetheart yet, here is the Shine's Guide to Terrible Valentines Gifts:


I'm actually really glad to see roses at the top of that list. I think a large number of us gals are bargain hunters. So the idea of taking something that costs $40 or $50 all year long and seeing it marked up to $100 to $120 just for this one week per year, makes me feel like people are being robbed. It's a waste of money to pay more for something than its actual year round value. Plus they die. As a girl who used to work in offices, I can tell you the majority of us LOVE getting flowers or something delivered to our office. It sits on our desk for days and lets our co-workers know how awesome and thoughtful our sweetie is. But whatever you have delivered can be something creative and/or something other than just a boring old dozen overprices roses.

My favorite ever Valentine's Day gift was one from a boyfriend I had in college. Money was tight as we paid our way through school, so I suggested that we only make each other gifts and no purchases were allowed. The card he made me was SO amazing and so heartfelt that I still have it treasured and tucked away to this day. I probably only see it when going through a box of old memories and things, but it brings me joy every time I do see it. And that joy has lasted a decade or more than roses would have.