January 15th, 2009


Complaining to my boss

Every once in a while I look at my checking account and think, oh my god, what happened? Then I remember, oh yeah, YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO PAY YOURSELF!

There's enough in the business account but I have not written myself a paycheck for my personal account since, oh I don't know, somewhere around November. I also went on a shopping spree in December. It's now half way through January. Yes, a paycheck might be a good idea. I run the place, maybe I should get around to paying myself once in a while too.

I always forget to do that!!
socks and cat

Understanding addicts

This is the trailer for "Sober House" which premieres tonight (it starts with a commercial for an unrelated movie, then goes to the trailer for Sober House): http://www.vh1.com/video/play.jhtml?id=1601671&vid=327965

This is the follow up show to Celebrity Rehab and profiles those that chose to go on to a sober living house. It's hard to watch, harder than the actual rehab process. Because at least in rehab, no matter what kind of hell you saw them go through, they went through it sober. In the show Sober House, you actually see them completely screw up their lives by falling off the wagon and doing drugs. I have a feeling this show will be more gut wrenching and more tear invoking than Celebrity Rehab. Apparently re-integrating into the real world sober is far more painful and difficult than actually getting sober in the first place.

The biggest surprise of the series is Andy Dick dropping into Sober House. He's never been in Celebrity Rehab, but apparently has done rehab 10 different times. Every time we ever see Andy Dick on tv, he is never ever serious. Every word out of his mouth is a spiteful and mean joke. A few years ago they even did a reality show around him in which he pretty much tortured and was cruel to contestants competing for a job as a celebrity assistant. He's mean and he's sarcastic and nothing else. Yet all of sudden in Sober House we see him serious, crying, breaking down and begging for help to save his life. It's shocking. And it's hard to take him seriously.

I have dinner with a friend tonight. But when I get home, I'll definitely be watching Sober House. I continue to be completely fascinated by addiction because it seems to have more power over people and to have destroyed more familes and more lives than anything else on earth. I think that understanding it should be one of those required things they teach in school. Becaue I don't think there is anyone out there who does not know at least one addict. We all know at least one. So shouldn't we have a better understanding of them and what will and will not motivate them to ge the help they need?

Can a non-Christian get away with wearing a cross?

Is it tacky to wear a religious symbol for a religion to which you do not subscribe or endorse? I was shopping at Target today for necessities and fell in love with the cross below because of the pretty bling (I don't know why the scan came out partly blurry):

I wouldn't wear this on the street or as every day wear. I'm just way too Buddhist/Hindu/Sufi/Pagan/Taoist/etc. to promote a religion that implies worship of one individual or the idea of "evil" or guilt. I respect my friends that choose this religion, but it's definitely not for me. But I did fall in love with the cross. My thinking was that crosses are generally also gothic symbols and I would wear it only to goth clubs. But if I wore this to a goth club, would you mistake me for a Christian?