January 12th, 2009

socks and cat

lots of bling

I feel like posting something deep and profound today, but instead I'll just talk about what I purchased while shopping in Hollywood a couple weeks ago.

One of the stores was Frederick's of Hollywood where I fell in love with this dress on a mannequin. But when I tried it on, it was too low cut and I didn't quite have the body for the dress. No problem, the sales girl went and ran and got me a strapless bra to wear under it. And wow, pow! Suddenly I had the body for the dress. Frederick's of Hollywood truly has some magic bras.

Speaking of their awesome bras, I got this one too. If you saw me at the New Year's Eve party or you saw me at the clubs this weekend, you saw those rhinestones either peeking out the top of a dress or out from under a PVC lace up corset style top. I believe boobs deserve bling. And this is the bling they love!

This set is displayed in the catalog as a "shelf bra." But the one I purchased at the store is exactly like this only there is lace filling in above the "shelf" area. The combination of black velvet and the rhinestone trim and the lace, is absolutely beautiful. I will no doubt find a way to convert the bra to club wear.

I had posted a pic of this a month or two ago but never ordered it from the catalog. I purchased it in the store and it is gorgeous on.

I have yet to wear even half of what I purchased in LA. I need to club more, so I have a place to wear it all!