January 11th, 2009

socks and cat


I remember the days when poor Portland had almost no goth club scene and we here in Seattle had tons of goth and industrial clubs to choose from every Friday and Saturday night. I believe it has officially done a complete turn around. There are slim pickin's for Seattle goth folk and Portland keeps advertising all these great themed and costumed goth club events.

Last night I was supposed to join a group that wanted to celebrate at Noc Noc. But of course Noc Noc is no longer goth on Saturday nights. So the group high tails it over to the Vogue. Only the Vogue is not there. Instead, it's some awful disco night or something. The group has absolutely no choice but to try and figure out a way to get almost 20 non-members into the only goth club open that night...that is members only. A club in which everyone can expect to leave stinking like smoke, with their eyes and lungs burning (because they allow smoking).

When these are the only choices in this town on a Saturday night, I'd say our goth club scene is near dead. There are still parties and events to attend. And I still had fun clubbing on Thursday night and Friday night. But if you want to get dressed up in your goth finest and go clubbing on a Saturday night, some nights you will just be out of luck.
Pole Kitten arching on pole

Love my instructors

I love my instructors. One of them had a private lesson booked Saturday, plus an hour and a half class. She showed up to teach even though she was sick. I realize that showing up sick to places where there are healthy people is frowned upon (I often frown upon it). But the fact is, I wasn't available to teach her class or her private lesson. And none of the other instructors could take her place either because it is a level 2 class and she is the only other instructor (other than myself) that can teach level 2. If she had not show up, the classes would have been canceled and a ton of refunds would have had to be issued or attempts at rescheduling into a fully booked studio where that is often impossible. In short, unhappy students/clients may have accumulated quickly had she not show up to teach.

Today one of my instructors showed up even though she was sick all week and just now starting to feel better. She said she only showed up because she remembers that when I was the only instructor (and HER instructor) that I always taught no matter what, even if I was sick. And she appreciated that I never canceled any of her classes to be out sick. And this class was part of her teacher training, so as a student instructor she can't complete the training program if she misses teaching one of her classes (I guess she could, but it could set back her training by as much as 6 to 7 weeks).

I'm so grateful for these girls. Because the business would fall apart if they didn't show up when they were scheduled to show up. And they DO show up.