December 24th, 2008

secretary glasses

7 Pounds - review but no spoilers

7 Pounds is different than most movies. It's a movie you won't exactly enjoy while watching it, but at the very end it all comes together. And you leave the theatre feeling like you got what you were waiting for in the surprise ending. It's a movie you will talk about, with the people you see it with, for a while after you leave the theatre.

For at least two thirds of the movie, if not more, you will wonder what the hell is going on. Normally at some point during most movies, you understand there is a plot and you can follow it. This one has a mystery, but not a plot. You might spend the movie trying to solve it, or if you're like me, just spend the movie very confused. But somewhere in the range of 15 to 5 minutes before the'll think...oh, I get it. Oh wow, I get it.

Some one who has not seen it, asked me what the movie was about. Don't let anyone tell you what it is about. If you know what the movie is about, the movie is ruined for you (or at least the surprise ending is). This is one movie you should spend thinking, what the hell is going on? Even if it is a bit frustrating to sit through. It will move you.

Comments welcome from anyone who HAS seen it and would like to compare notes. So if you have NOT seen it, don't read the comments.

Cage Kitten inside joke

Jai made the funniest comment about me today. To preface it, I should mention there is a 90% chance that I was conceived during an LSD trip (or trips, as the case would be). It's also not common knowledge, but I'm mildly OCD. He has had to put up with my OCD'ness while I stay here, including me insisting that he close the toilet lid before he flushes (otherwise germs and bacteria in the toilet get sprayed all over the otherwise clean bathroom towels and toiletries and toothbrushes with each flush).

I guess my OCD and ADD can be trying at times. Today he joked, "Does everyone conceived on LSD, have ADD and OCD?"

I guess you had to be there. It was rediculously true.
socks and cat

Off to another city

Getting ready for my 4 hour train ride to Fresno. I know from experience that my laptop can't play movies on the train. Too much vibration. So I will probably use some of that time trying to get payroll for my instructors figured out. This will be especially challenging since I forgot to bring my 2008 calendar on this trip with me. I can't remember when their classes were, but I need to pay them per class. I'm not looking forward to trying to figure that out.

Train rides are fun though. They are comfortable and the food on Amtrak has improved over the years. And you meet all kinds of interesting people on the train.