November 4th, 2008

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brief update

I haven't had time to read LJ much, or post. The other night we watched a documentary about asking the Dalai Lama 10 questions, or something like that. The part of the movie with the history of Tibet and Buddhism was the most fascinating. We fell asleep watching it so it has kind of faded from my memory already. But the part that struck me was the observation that poor people in India are actually happier than the rich. The Dalai Lama said this is because when you have less, you have less to worry about.

Assuming those poor they refer to at least have a roof over their head and know where their next meal is coming from, I think this must be true, in any country.
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Every one I know here in Seattle voted over a week ago. I'm very last minute and didn't vote until yesterday (to make sure it was post marked by today).

Other than the presidential election, I'm really only watching for the gay marriage initiative in San Francisco. It's so important to me that the current law is upheld. It would be devastating to see so many marriages suddenly be voided if it passed. Can you imagine meeting, falling in love and marrying the person of your dreams, only to have that marriage voided by the state? That shouldn't even be a possibility.
socks and cat

Don't know exactly how this works but...

Thank god thank god thank god thank god thank god. Honestly, in the past, who the president is has had almost no effect on my life at all. I've worked simple jobs with free (provided by employer) or easy to pay for health insurance in a small tax bracket that really didn't change even with tax increases. Now that I have a business, the state of the economy and the affordability of health insurance means the difference between losing everything and going bankrupt or continuing to thrive and hire more people and live my dream. For once in my life, the decisions of the person in office can effect me directly. I feel a little bit safer and more secure now.

We got the news from one of my students in class, who checked her blackberry (or some such device) for the results. I immediately began jumping up and down until I saw the disappointed look on my other instructor's face. I didn't realize until that moment that she was a republican. She said to me, "You know, your taxes are going to go up now." My response was simple, I don't care how much they raise my taxes IF they keep the economy from tanking any further. I have no idea if taxes and the economy are linked. Can anyone tell me? But from now on, my primary concern is that the economy remains steady or improves so that people can continue to afford my classes as they can now.