October 26th, 2008

YinYang Cats

gratitute for the little things

I can't believe I actually went to Noc Noc last night because I've been having bad pain for a couple days from what appears to be a pinched nerve in my back. My chiropractor is not open on weekends so I figured I would just have to live with it until he can fix me on Monday. Surprisingly, after dancing last night, the pinch is almost gone. Almost no pain. I guess I shifted my vertabrae enough on the dance floor to take the pressure off.

One of the things that struck me last night was a conversation that happened in line at the bar. I was behind a man in line when a girl casually cut in front of me. Being a gentleman, the man asked the girl if she planned to buy me a drink. He told her that you shouldn't cut in front of some one in line unless you plan to buy them a drink. I had never heard that before but I thought it sounded fair. She replied to both of us, holding up her debit card, that she only had enough money in her account to buy one drink. I felt kind of bad for her after that. I guess the guy in front of me did too, so he offered to buy her drink. But when she told him what she wanted, he said he couldn't afford that. He had to withdraw his offer.

This experience made me realize how lucky I am. I think I have so many friends with good jobs and savings and such that I forget that we're not the norm. I forget to appreciate how lucky I am that I can walk into a club and buy drinks. I take these things for granted and I appreciated the reminder of that last night - so I won't take it for granted anymore.
cat in the snow

Just remembered

As I'm unpacking my office today, I remembered another conversation from the club last night. I was in the bathroom when a girl told me it just wasn't her lucky night.

Realizing it was only about 11pm, I told her, "Maybe it is your lucky night. The night is not over yet!"

To which she replied. "No it's not. I'm trying to score some blow."

I was really shocked by her response and I just told her that I couldn't help her. I think I was feeling a little deflated because I was feeling happy and optimistic and wanted to spread some of that to her. But if she needs drugs to have a good time, no amount of being positive is going to make her happy. So I felt kind of helpless to do anything for her. It's my job (career wise anyway) to make women feel better, and here was one I couldn't have any influence on at all. And that took me from happy to kind of contemplative.

As I left the bathroom I thought, "blow" is so 1986. I didn't know there were even people left that still did it. Especially not young people like her. I thought all the addicts these days were on meth or pot, because they're so much cheaper than other drugs and are always being talked about. I guess that goes to show how out of touch I am with the current drug culture.