October 23rd, 2008


P for the S news

I am pleased to announce that the mailing list for my business has reached over 2000 members!

I have also been thinking about counting the number of students I have had. Every student signs a waiver, and I have filed and kept every waiver. If you count the one time students that attended workshops and parties, I'm guessing the number of students is somewhere around 1,000 or more. I could could count them all to get the exact number and then put something on my website home page like: Over 1,000 students and growing! Would that be good for marketing or do people not care how many students you've had?
kitten on a cage

Why can't my computer and printer communicate?

My new printer and my computer don't always communicate well and I'm wondering if I need to return the printer (I hope not, since it is so big and heavy that I can hardly lift it).

Sometimes (not all the time) when I print, the job will go into the que but not get to the printer. I tried rebooting the printer, but it didn't help. I have to reboot the computer to get the job to print. Is the problem in my computer or my printer? I didn't have this problem with the last printer.

Also I tell the printer software to print 7 copies or 6 copies, but it always prints only 1 copy. Do I need to return my printer? Or maybe re-install the software?