October 8th, 2008

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I rented the first 3 episodes of the Terminator TV Series: The Sarah Chronicles. I was beyond impressed. I was expecting crap and what I got was a show that kept me on the edge of my seat more than any tv show has ever done. They went all out on special effects and I'm not accustomed to seeing special effects of that quality on tv. It was also easy to follow with my ADD, which is rare.

It also helped that they made the good-guy terminator look like this:

Watching a doe eyed 16 year old looking girl be all bad ass and killer is as unexpected as it is entertaining. She's all confused and rattled one minute by our culture and then the next minute takes control of life and death situations and saves everyone's lives. After only the first episode I wanted to watch more just so I can see what she does next.

Sarah Connor is also as vulnerable as she is tough. I felt like the movie version of her was too hard, and her human side was almost dead as she devoted her life to saving her son and humanity. The tv version has a lot more hope in her, and the audience can't help but root for her not just so that she saves humanity, but so that she saves those hopes and dreams she had to give up and forget in order to devote her life to protecting her son.

I hope there is a second season. I hope it is available for rent.
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How much should I charge?

What should I charge women for the budoir photo shoot in my studio? They will get a CD with the photos, no hard copies. The pole studio in Chicago is charging $80. What should be the split be with the photographer? Keep in mind I'm bringing in all the clients by advertising to the 1,900 women on my mailing list, as well as providing the studio and the pole. And of course the photographer is providing her talents and lighting equipment and such. The photographer will get a lot of clients in one day, since I'll be arranging them all to come in one after the other in the same day. So what should I charge the girls and what should the split be with the photographer?

How much should I charge women for the photo shoot and CD of the photos?

What percentage of that charge should the photographer get?

EDIT: By the replies I'm getting the impression that you folks don't believe in volume discounts. So if a photographer charges $100 for a one time appointment, they shouldn't give me a discount for giving them 8 or 9 in a row appoitments all in one day? My referrals of so much business aren't worth anything? That doesn't make sense to me.
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Booked my flight for the holidays

So for anyone that attended the gay pride parade this year and got one of those free 10% off coupons from Alaska Airlines, you might have trouble using it. The front of the coupon says: "Complete your Travel by December 31st, 2008". But the back of the coupon says "Travel Complete: December 15, 2008". When you try to book online, it goes by what the back of the coupon says and not the front. There are no blackout dates for December other than no flying on December 1st.

I spent about 30 minutes on the phone talking to two different departments at Alaska Airlines before a nice lady finally agreed to give me a brand new discount code since the one on the coupon didn't work. I saved $50. But for the most part, the coupon doesn't seem to to work if you plan to travel after December 15th.