October 7th, 2008

socks and cat

Know any female boudoir photographers?

A pole dance school in Chicago is offering a boudoir photography day. All the girls make their appointment on the same day and the photographer stays all day to take the appointments. Here is a sample of their work:

I was thinking I should offer one in January, so that girls can have a sexy photo done in time for Valentine's Day. We could use the pole studio and maybe a pole.

I also think women would be more comfortable with a female photographer if they are going to be posing in lingerie. Does anyone know a female photographer that does these kinds of photos? I would like to start lining that up now for January.
socks and cat


For two years now I have always wanted to order a skirt from a store called Shrine that is made out of this fabric:

But I never did because it's an expensive skirt and I just can't justify spending that much on a skirt when I have no top to match. Well finally, after two years, a fabric store is carrying this fabric for Halloween. Since I'm a tiny girl, I just got a yard and a half. I don't sew, but definitely want to have a little cropped top made out of this plus some matching arm warmers. Then I can order the skirt and have a sexy new clubbing outfit!