September 18th, 2008

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Pole studio poll

No matter how many times I tell my students to bring yoga mats, half of them show up without them. It appears I have to provide yoga mats whether I like it or not. The only other choice is having students be in pain on the hard floors when we spend time doing floor warm ups and floorwork. It bothers me that I have to provide, maintain, clean and store yoga mats every day because I already have a full workload of running the business, cleaning the studio daily and teaching daily. Having one less things to worry about, like yoga mats, would really help. But it looks like some of the students have made the choice for me by ignoring my requests to bring them.

Should I be providing mats? Or should I let the girls suffer who ignore my request to bring them? Or should I sell them in the studio, forcing girls who ignore me to anty up an extra $25 or $30? I can have mats custom made with my logo for about $20 each. So I would need to sell them for $25 to $30 to make a profit.

Also, I used to provide free bottled water at pole parties in the last studio. But it involved a lot of lugging around heavy cases of water from the store to my studio, over and over again. I have now stopped that and included a note in the party confirmations that they need to bring water to stay hydrated. This request is being ignored as well and I'm hearing comments from the party goers like "I should have brought water." Would it be tacky to sell water for $1 per bottle in my studio?

Should I sell water for $1 per bottle?

It's tacky to sell water for so much, it's better not to sell it at all
Yes, $1 is a fair store price for water
Other, will post comment to explain

Yoga mats

You told them in advance to bring mats, it's not your fault if they are suffering because they didn't bring them
Provide mats on loan, students just don't want to buy one and you don't want them to suffer
Sell yoga mats in the studio
Other, will post comment to explain
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Curtains up

Finally, half the curtains are up in the studio. It took the contractors about 3 hours to put in all the wires on the wall above the windows to support the curtains. No more ugly paper blinds, at least on one wall. I still need to purchase tension rods for the other 4 windows on the North wall. You can't tell from these pictures but the curtains TOTALLY class the place up. 10 foot high velvety curtains are a rare sight.

Unfortunately a bit of brick is exposed up at the top. But there wasn't any way around that. But here's the surprise that I'm very unhappy with. Each panel of curtains has a seam up the middle. I didn't ask for the width of these curtains. You are only allowed to custom order the height, not the width of these. So I was stuck with the width they gave me. So why do my curtains look like some one took two sets of curtains and sewed them together in the middle? If these were cheap curtains, I would totally understand the seam right up the middle of each panel. But when I pay over $1,000 for curtains, I expect some classy curtains. Am I unreasonable to complain to the store that ordered them for me that they shouldn't have seams up the middle (or they should have told me about the seams before I ordered them)?

Should I complain to the store about the seams up the middle of each of my new curtains?

Curtains often have a seam right up the middle of each panel
If you didn't even ask for that width, then there's no excuse to have seams up the middle of your curtains
Other, posting comment to explain