September 3rd, 2008

socks and cat

And the day begins...

As I try to get the studio ready I have made SO many trips to Lowe's and Home Depot that I know them well enough to practically work there now. There's always some supply one or the other contractor needs. I've become quite a fan of these places actually, except for the customer service at Home Depot. Finding an employee to help you at Home Depot is a lot like attempting to find a winning lottery ticket. So I've started to divert most of my business to Lowe's instead. If I had time, I would totally look for the corporate office address of Home Depot and write them a letter to let them know exactly why they have lost my business.

I have also been so busy with the studio set up that I have fallen behind on other aspects of the business. I have transferred all of the tuitions for the next six weeks from the PayPal account that takes them (does my credit card processing) to my bank account. But I just realized that next session I have not two employees to pay but four! Because two trainees start on the payroll this month, even though they are still in training. So I need to break out excel and figure out exactly how much each girl will make in the next 6 weeks and then transfer all that money now into the payroll checking account. I also have to figure out how much sales tax I collected on all the classes and transfer that into the savings account I use to hold money I intend to pay taxes with. Hopefully this post will remind me to do that the next time I check LJ.
socks and cat

Electric broom?

WAY too many floors to sweep. And I've spent too much time already reading reviews for all the different "electric" brooms that vacuum up your hardwood floors. I still can't decide on one. Does anyone use one? Can you recommend one?
socks and cat

don't panic

It does not exactly instill confidence in you when you walk into your studio and find your contractor about to install your dancing pole upside down. He had the ceiling mount sitting on the floor and had even purchased special screws for it to go through the cement floor under the laminate. He asked me if it was supposed to be like that. God only knows if he would have bothered to ask if I had not walked in just then to check on things.
socks and cat

More new wonders

This morning while in the shower I looked up and noticed the wispy clouds against the blue sky. I have looked at the sky and the clouds through windows probably millions of times in my life. But never from the shower! I'm loving the skylight window above the shower.

This afternoon I took a break and walked a block down the street to a tiny nail salon. In Queen Anne I used to go a salon that charged $20 for a pedicure. But this one down the street from my new home charges only $25 for both a pedicure AND a manicure. A pedi/mani for only $5 more? I'm pleased. When you work as hard as I do, occasional pampering is essential.