September 2nd, 2008

socks and cat

We get to keep her

Fabulous news! The owner of my work/live building has taken the building off the market. She said that in this economy, a million dollar building like this could sit unsold for years. And it doesn't look good to buyers to have it sitting so long.

I'm thrilled. We really like our landlord and I didn't want to lose her. And I also didn't want to worry about some one buying this building because they want the commercial space for themselves. Now I won't have to wonder if I'll lose my studio to a new landlord. She likes my business and she's open to rent negotiation when the lease is up in 2 years.
socks and cat

Learning to love the luxury

I can float in my new bathtub! The entire tub is about 5 feet 6 inches long but the actual area you can fill up with water is 5 feet and 3 inches. I'm only 5' 2"!! And it's extra deep too, so I can submerge completely or even float on top. Talk about luxury!

I'm also loving the bathroom floor and shower wall. They are made entirely of natural stone tiles, complete with the texture, appearance and feel of stone. I have spent my entire life with showers with those normal little square tiles, I don't even know what they are made of. You know the ones, they get mold in between the tiles if you don't clean them. Yeah, those. Now my bathroom feels like a stone temple. I love it!
Couch Kitten

Another reason to love it...

I love my office at night. Since it is an atrium and mostly windows, at night the illumination from the street gives me enough light to find my desk and computer without turning on any lights. But for a nice effect, I lit candles in one of the window sills. It's beautiful! My office feels cozy with the hum of cars passing by 3 floors below and the soft glow of candles. I've decided to fill the window sills with candles. I love working by candle light and watching the world go by outside my window. And of course I can open the door that leads from my office to my private deck and enjoy the night air.

This is SUCH a dramatic change from that cramped little corner in my old bedroom that used to be my office. This is how it was meant to be. A spacious office with a view and candles and windows and a deck. And my office is so big that I fit a second desk and chair in it with room to spare. All I need now is another self employed friend to come and work from my office with me so I can have company while I work in my beautiful office!
socks and cat

Other Seattle pole school student getting fraud e-mail

My friend that runs the other pole school in Seattle has "teaser" classes that give you a sampling of pole dance classes. One of her students got the following e-mail after registering, NOT from my friend the school owner, but signed with her name:

"Hi Lindsay,

My name is Angi and I am the other woman for whom you made the teacher
training contract. Thank you.

I need verification for your order ( Teaser - Friday August 22nd 5-6pm
). I need your credit card information for verification your order. I
need ASAP.

Thank you!

Obviously they were fishing for her student's credit card number. But I'm wondering how they got her student's name, e-mail and the class the student signed up for. I just e-mailed her back after she sent this to me and asked if she was using an un-secure internet connection. Because I can't think of any other way they could get the name and e-mail and class registration of one of her students.