August 25th, 2008

socks and cat


I think I have an installer for the floors. He says he can start Wednesday. He says he and a partner can do the two day job for a reasonable amount of $1,000. He's willing to work with the challenge of not using glue or nails to damage the floor underneath. Lord be praised! I'm saved!!

Now off to JC Penney to look at the fabric samples for their custom curtains. Looks like they can do one wall of custom black velvet curtains for about $1,500 (the other wall I can buy cheaper pre-made curtains because the windows on that wall are a standard size). But they aren't light blocking curtains. But maybe velvet is thick enough on it's own.

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My new dance studio still has no curtains

Don't even get me started on this curtain fiasco. JC Penney can custom make curtains and they told me they could do black velvet (no blackout backing though) for about $1,500. So I figure I'll have to pay that much because lets face it, custom curtains over 10 feet high are hard to find. And they come with fancy pleats. But when I went to JC Penney this afternoon to see the fabric sample, imagine my horror when I discovered their "velvet" was some ugly cheap looking crappy excuse for a velvet imitation. It seriously looked like the kind of stuff your grama would hang in her living room. $1,500 for THAT?

Oddly enough though, I passed their "Dorm Life" collection quite by accident and discovered the Dorm Life blackout curtains were quite cool looking. Anyone remember when I mentioned those in previous post? They only sell 84 inch curtains in the store though. The 95 inch are available online only and out of stock until the end of October. I'm starting to wonder if I should buy two sets (or in this case, about 12 sets) of Dorm Life blackout curtains for each window. Then I could have some one sew a piece of one onto the end of another so that they are all 10 feet high. Then I could cover the obvious seam with a black strip of lace or something. Would that work? It would probably only come out to about $100 per panel (assuming I can find a friend that I could pay to sew them together), or $600 for the one wall. That's darn cheaper and more attractive than $1,500.