August 23rd, 2008

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Bye bye bears...

This is the hardest part of packing...getting rid of things. I accumulate SO much stuff that I suspected for a long time that I was a "hoarder", which is a psychological disorder. But I recently discovered that hoarders keep things because they think they'll die if they get rid of them. I don't think I'll die. I just think I'll need all those things again some day. Or I want to keep the memory attached to them.

I'm about to get rid of my large collection of teddy bears. I read somewhere that it's bad fung shui for an adult to have stuffed animals in their room. Plus I just need to get rid of things I'm not using. But every one of those stuffed bears was given to me by some one special, often to mark some special occasion. I thought about taking a picture with all of them before I donate them. But I'm thinking that seeing that picture in the future will only make me sad that I parted with them. So I guess I have to make a clean break and stuff them all in a giant bag and drive them down to the Goodwill.

I want to keep them so much. Goodbye to Charmain, the bear from Ken. Goodbye to Papa and Baby bear, from Bill. Goodbye to Penn State cougar from Brian and Brian Jr. Teddy Bear, also from Brian. Goodbye to Cal State Northridge graduation teddy bear, from mrentropy. Goodbye to teddy bear Patrick, who saw me through some of my hardest childhood years. Goodbye to smuggle bear, with the zipper in back so you can hide things in him. Goodby to French Bear from sugar_doll_4711. Goodbye to breast cancer research bear. And I might keep the giant white bear, because I think my grandmother gave him to me.
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Old pictures

I'm now packing decades worth of photographs. And I've been meaning to put them into photo albums...for decades. I even purchased albums but never got around to organzing them. I just found this one, which I forgot about.

When I lived in LA I had a boyfriend of 4 years that loved his motorcycle. For one of our anniversaries, I kidnapped his motorcycle and did a self portrait on it. I had to have his friend help me get the motorcycle into my apartment. What really amazes me about that picture is that it's my real hair. I can't believe my hair was ever that long!

Brian's motorcycle

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Cage Kitten as a blonde

I found another fun picture while packing. This is the only time I have ever been blonde. I was a biker chick for Halloween one year. That's a little tiny Harley in hand. And those are shorts with leather chaps sewn right on. My friends didn't even recognize me when I showed up at the party, because I've never been blonde.

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I'm all over it

MTV has a new show called "Get Exiled". Imagine the most spoiled teen age girls ever. They get a new car every few months, they buy $300 dresses every week even though they have no job, they have servants so they don't know how to cook or clean, and they can have absolutely anything they want by just asking daddy for it.

They're sending these spoiled girls (and one boy) to remote, primitive living situations in foreign countries. They are being sent to Peru, Nepal, Africa, the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle, etc. They go from sleeping in mansions to sharing a tiny room with chickens. No bathrooms. Hard labor all day. You get the picture.

I think any show that pushes people to grow and discover their psychological and emotional strength is more fascinating than any other kind of television show. And lets face it, I'm curious to see how a spoiled rich 18 year old kid survives without cell phones, e-mail, cars, shopping and plumbing.

I'm all over this new show. You can see a preview here (stay tuned to the end to see the conditions they will be living in):