August 18th, 2008

socks and cat

A packed day

My busy day...

  • Breakfast
  • Call T at Design Trends
  • Re-write week 5 lesson plan
  • Re-write trainee manual with new lesson plan for week 5
  • E-mail new lesson plan to trainees
  • Find Angi's invoice
  • Write check and address to Angi
  • Write thank you letter to K at Love Zone
  • Write liability insurance for address change and certificate with new address
  • Put weight machine up for sale on Craig's List
  • Go through pile of paperwork on the tv tray
  • Research online for blockout curtains 97 inches long
  • Teach two classes in the evening
    socks and cat

    A casualty of the move...

    As I try to clear stuff out and get rid of stuff so I don't have so much to move, sadly, I think this dress will have to go. It's goreous, but I haven't had any place to wear it. And while I may in the future, it just takes up WAY too much room in the closet. Plus I have a ton of other formal dresses, all that take up less room. Goodbye beautiful dress!

    silver gown

    socks and cat

    How do I make curtains longer?

    All the blackout curtains I'm finding online, come in a standard 95 inch length. I need about 97 to 98 inches. I did find a place that will custom make them for me, but they might not get here in time for the first class. And they will cost a ton more.

    So I'm wondering what I can put at the bottom of a curtain to make it not only 3 inches longer, but blackout at the bottom as well. I could add 3 inches of lace. But blackout backing is white. So it would be blatantly white at the bottom of the curtains, even with black lace sewn to the bottom of the black curtains. Plus I can't sew.

    What could I add to the bottom of blackout curtains to make them 3 inches or so longer?
    socks and cat

    Should I trust them?

    I might end up ordering these blackout curtains since they are by far the least expensive and the longest curtains - and they are offering free shipping for the next 3 days. But I'm suspicious of them. Blackout curtains are supposed to have a white layer that faces the window, to reflect heat and light. These don't say anything about a white layer (and they couldn't tell me when I called if it has one). Instead, it just says, "These densely woven window coverings completely block unwanted sunlight, and they help to insulate your dorm room from harsh heat and cold." But how can a densely woven fabric block out sunlight without a white lining? Can they say "completely blocks out light" if it doesn't really?

    These are the ones that are 3 inches too short. But they are the longest blackout curtains I can find.