August 15th, 2008

machine gun kitty

Can it be winter already, please?

The heat is making me unhappy. We're in for more 90 degree days until Sunday, and then the rest of the week after that is predicted to be in the 60's and rainy. So I just have to put up with it for a few more days.

My current studio is air conditioned, so teaching is not a problem. But I feel sluggish and uncomfortable at home and the heat brings out the smell of the cat pee in the floors (I've already used several different brands of cat pee remover on them). I can deal with the cat pee smell by just reminding myself that I get to move in 2 weeks. But sleeping in is bit challenging when it's 80 degrees out by 10:00am.

Speaking of moving, I'm going to order a pair of these for the new home:

blue dust mop slippers

They're dust mops that you wear on your feet. I thought that might be a fun way to sweep. You can get them here:
socks and cat

The mural

This is a picture of the mural that is painted on one of the walls of the new studio. The owner would prefer I not paint over it:

Because the wall is so big, it looks like theatre curtains would be the best way to cover it. I found some online for $600. I'd prefer not to spend that much so I've decided to leave it for now until the studio is done. It's possible that once I have the windows blocked and the lights low, that it will hardly be noticeable.

It's beautiful enough that I don't know that it really needs covering. It just seems like the ocean theme might not fit the romantic look I'm going for in the studio.
socks and cat

darn holiday

Moving the day before a holiday poses quite a delimma. You see, no company will come to your new home on the holiday to transfer your services. So I will have NO phone service, NO cable tv service and NO internet for my first day and a half in the new home.

I will certainly look up the nearest Tully's so I can check e-mail at least once. But no tv and no phone? I sure hope no one calls the business line on the holiday, it will just ring with no answer.
eyes closed

switching phone companies

Looks like I'm switching to comcast phone service.

Their internet and phone lines are separate. So even if internet goes down, you still have phone service.

No more long distance charges.

The modems have an 8 hour battery back up. So if the power goes down, you can make phone calls for hours.


The only thing that bites is that they can't put my business and home phone on the same line with separate rings like I have now. And I need those separate rings to let me know if it's a personal call or business call. So I'll have to buy a second phone for the second line. I only use light weight headset phones (no cradle) and those start at about $60. But I'll save that much in just a few months.