August 12th, 2008

socks and cat

Quit tempting me

Holland America, the cruise line I went to Alaska on, is now e-mailing me all kinds of super tempting offers for 2009. If I book my next cruise to Alaska for 2009 right now, I can have it for only $600 (that's about $1,000 off the regular price). And I can bring a companion for just $99 extra.

They're evil for tempting me like this. Evil I tell you!
socks and cat

Seattle Peeps - comcast phone service?

Does anyone use Comcast for phone service? They're offering me both my home phone and business line for $25 a month. That includes unlimited long distance and an extra 100 channels for free on our cable. Right now I pay $38 a month with Quest, plus long distance charges.

At first I told them no, because I see my comcast cable go down all the time. But they told me their cable phone lines are separate and more reliable than their internet, because they know that people can't be without their phones.

Does anyone know if their phone service is reliable?