August 4th, 2008

Dress Back


Of course I could never wear the darn thing. I mean it's not like I could wear it to the Mercury, it would stink like cigarette smoke in 2 minutes, ruining a $450 coat. Maybe to Noc Noc, but there is no coat check there. So if I took it off, I would risk having it taken.

No place to wear it. :(

sword crossing pole

clean clean clean

The amount of cleaning I will have to do in the new locations will increase nearly 10 times. Here is everything I will need to do on a weekly basis:

1. Clean the windows of the commercial/dance studio space. There are a ton of them.
2. Both sweep and vacuum the commercial space.
3. Clean 3 bathrooms!: mine, the bathroom in the studio, and the bathroom in the small private lesson studio upstairs from the regular dance studio.
4. Sweep and mop the floors on two stories of living space.
5. Vacuum stairs in living space (the only part of the town home that is carpeted).
6. Kitchen
7. Scrub TWO private decks and the railing on the decks

The ceiling windows in the atrium I can't clean myself, unless I climb onto the roof. Cost to have them cleaned is about $400, and they have to be cleaned because of the bird droppings on there. Knowing me, I'll try to figure out a way to crawl up there and clean them myself.

I have never cleaned this much in my life. And all this is in addition to running the business, teaching classes and private lessons and training new instructors. I will be a busy little girl.
socks and cat

worth it

I balked at how ridiculously expensive it is to have an online payroll service. Especially considering that I still have to tally the hours and write the checks (or request the direct deposit) myself. But now that they have filed my quarterly reports for me and made the paperwork all downloadable for me online, I'm pretty happy. Having that type of work done for me, and done right, is priceless. You definitely don't want to mess up when it comes to reporting your company's wages and taxes to the IRS and the state.
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Parties, back to back to back to back to back

This might be a record. There are 5 parties scheduled this Saturday. I'm teaching 3 of them (and two are being taught by my other instructors). It will be a loooooong day for me. I'm teaching parties:

12:30 to 2:30 in the afternoon
6:30 to 8:30pm
9:00 to 11:00pm

I don't usually teach after 10pm but I had to make an exception this one time. I also don't usually teach 3 parties in one day. I'm a bit nervous about teaching two back to back parties until so late at night.

I'm also driving all the way out to Mill Creek to teach an in-home exotic dance party Friday night. I have never been to Mill Creek before.