August 2nd, 2008

socks and cat

so cute

So with the dramatic increase in rent, I will no longer be blowing $100 or more on club outfits I will wear only once or twice before stuffing it into the back of my closet never to be worn again. Below is the first victim of my new attempt reduce my frivolous spending. The dress below is $130 with the arm warmers. I would so buy it if I wasn't changing my spending habits! But it's probably a bit warm for the clubs anyway.

socks and cat

cost of health care insurnace

I saw this online today:

"According to a Boston Globe study, worker's health insurance premiums have increased 84 percent since 2000, while wages have increased only 20 percent."

In an effort to reduce expenses, I went ahead and paid my health insurance premiums in advance for the rest of the year. That means I just wrote Lifewise Health Plan of Washington a check for over $1,600 just for 5 months of coverage. That's just my monthly premiums, it doesn't cover co-pays or deductibles if I see an out of network provider (I have zero deductible if I stay in the network).

I sure hope our new president has some interest in health care reform. I simply can't imagine a life without health insurance. It's like being just one injury or sickness away from financial ruin. Yet it's astronomically expensive to have it.
Dress Back

What's wrong with Google?

Am I reading Google analytics wrong, or did I just get 1,541 hits to my website today? I checked the source page and it can't tell me the source of the extra hits. So I don't know what to think.

PftS - kitty

More free advertising

A gal called me today about booking a party and she said she never would have thought of a pole party on her own (for her sister in law to be's bachelorette party). So I asked her how she heard of it then. She said she was watching that new reality show Denise Richard's, It's Complicated. On an episode of the show, Denise and her friends booked a pole party in her home. After seeing the episode, said potential client Googled Seattle pole parties and my school came up.

I already have Oprah to thank for my success, since she featured pole dancing on her show a total of 6 times. Now I can thank Denise Richards as well.